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Women in Leadership

Women face unique challenges as they seek to advance a career or leadership role in public education.

Women make up a majority of teacher, principal, and school administrator roles, yet they account for only 50 percent of the nation’s school board members and less than 25 percent of superintendents, according to federal data and national survey data. While the number of women in education leadership roles has increased somewhat over the past decade it is hardly representative.

NSBA’s commitment to equity extends to all aspects of public education and improving gender representation among both staff and governance is part of this commitment.

In 2019, NSBA launched Women in Leadership, a nationwide initiative to provide a networking structure and career and leadership development supports for women to expand within their public education leadership role.

Beginning in the fall of 2020, Women in Leadership will provide digital events and other online peer to peer networking and other career and leadership resource opportunities.

The Women in Leadership initiative is made possible by founding sponsor BoardDocs.