Say “No” to Federal Intrusion on Local School Board Authority

NSBA believes it is crucial for local school boards to maintain decision-making authority at the local level as well as accountability for high-quality educational services.

The expansion of federal intrusion on public education in recent years has impacted local policymaking in ways that impose unnecessary rules, conditions and restrictions, as well as significant costs, on local school governance.

Talking Points

Use these points to communicate the key issues about support for local school board governance to other school board members, the press, and your members of Congress:

  • The U.S. Department of Education has taken action to reshape the educational delivery system in recent years. These actions have often affected local policy and programs in ways that are beyond the scope and intent of federal authorizing legislation.
  • These federal actions often place a significant financial and manpower responsibility on local school boards.
  • The actions also limit the flexibility of local school boards to make decisions that serve the best interests for their local districts.