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Join Us in Celebrating Public Schools Week 

NSBA joins the Learning First Alliance (LFA), American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, National PTA and other supporting education organizations, in celebrating public schools during Public Schools Week, February 21-25, 2022.

Public schools educate nine of every 10 students. The great equalizer for children, they have lifted generations of people out of poverty and from middle to higher income, helping to set young adults on the path to a fulfilling life.

Public Schools Week honors the over 51 million students, 3.2 million teachers, and hundreds of thousands of specialists, administrators, and support staff working in public schools today.

Join us in celebrating Public Schools Week by sharing on social media why you love your local public school and are public school proud.  Use the hashtags #PublicSchoolProud, #PSW22 or #PublicSchoolsWeek2022.   

Public Schools Week 2022

Public Schools Week 2022 features free online webinars and other resources that examine best practices and effective strategies to take action during these challenging times. The complete schedule is below. Visit www.publicschoolproud.org to register or learn more.

Public Schools Week Schedule


Highlights from Public Schools Week 2021

NSBA 2020-2021 President Charlie Wilson recorded a Public School Proud Podcast with LFA Executive Director, Richard Long. Listen to their conversation on LFA's podcast page

President Wilson also joined a group of public education champions from leading education organizations for a panel discussion. You can watch the show on LFA’s YouTube channel.


NSBA Themes for Public Schools Week 2021

Federal investment in our public schools

NSBA encourages everyone to support public schools by advocating for the $130 billion for K-12 schools in the COVID relief package being considered by Congress. Public schools educate ninety percent of all students across the country. As many schools prepare to return to in-person instruction, these funds are critical to keep students and teachers safe and to help address learning loss.

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Public schools look different this year. But the commitment is the same: keep students safe, learning, and growing, one student at a time. Join us in celebrating Public Schools Week Feb. 22-26 and show you're #PublicSchoolProud. https://nsba.org/Public-Schools-Week
  • An investment in our public schools is an investment in our nation’s 50 million public school students. #PublicSchoolProud #PSW21 https://nsba.org/Public-Schools-Week

LFA Panel Conversation with NSBA President Charlie Wilson

NSBA 2020-2021 President Charlie Wilson will join a group of public education champions from leading education organizations for a panel discussion at 2 p.m. EST. Tune in here.

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Tune in today, Feb. 23, at 2 p.m. ET for a @LearningFirst live streamed panel of exemplary public education practitioners including @NSBAPublicEd President @Charlie_NSBA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13EXg_k8XJQ #PublicSchoolProud #PSW21
  • Public schools help build students’ futures and strengthen our communities. Join me in celebrating our local public schools today and every day. #PublicSchoolProud #PSW21 https://nsba.org/Public-Schools-Week

Homework Gap

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Do you have internet in your home? Millions of students do not. Congress is currently considering more than $7 billion to close this #HomeworkGap as part of a new #COVID19 relief bill. NSBA and 50+ education orgs support the effort. #PublicSchoolsWeek
  • Millions of students are struggling to keep up with schoolwork without a computer or adequate internet access at home. We need to close the digital divide, both now and after the pandemic. #PublicSchoolProud #PSW21
  • Education is the great equalizer and shouldn’t be limited by internet access. #PublicSchoolsWeek #PSW21

Digital Learning Day

NSBA urges Congress to approve the pending COVID relief package that will provide $7 billion to expand internet connectivity for students and teachers without internet access. This will provide tremendous help to close the digital divide in education, commonly called the homework gap, for the more than 16 million kids who currently don’t have internet access in their homes.

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Join @NSBApubliced & @All4Ed in observing 10 years of Digital Learning Day! Today we celebrate the innovation that occurs in schools while looking forward to creating even more opportunities for high-quality digital learning. @OfficialDLDay #PSW21
  • Education cannot go back to how it was before the pandemic. Fortunately, schools across the country have already adopted innovative learning opportunities to support personalized learning for every student. @OfficialDLDay #PSW21

Public School Transformation Now!

Public School Transformation Now! is the National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) bold initiative to reimagine and improve learning for students so they are better prepared for the modern world.

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Students that receive digital and personalized learning opportunities lead more successful 21st-century lives. It is critical for schools to prepare students with skills beyond what they can learn with just paper and pencil.#EdTransformation #PSW21 nsba.org/schooltransformationnow
  • High-quality digital learning and improved approaches to technology instruction have the potential to transform education, especially for our nation’s underserved communities. Every day must be a digital learning day. #EdTransformation #PSW21 nsba.org/schooltransformationnow

Highlights from Previous Public Schools Weeks

February 4, 2020 Recording Deborah and NSBA's 2019-2020 President ElizaBeth Branham celebrate public education as Public Schools Week 2020 approaches at the end of February.

Highlights from the 2020 Public Schools Week panel discussion featuring 2019-2020 NSBA President ElizaBeth Branham.


Former NSBA Executive Director & CEO Thomas J. Gentzel celebrates the great and innovative learning that takes place in our public schools each and every day.