A female teacher looks over the shoulder of a male student, seated at his desk and writing with a pencil.


Opening Bell: Opportunities to convene and learn

Artificial Intelligence and schools, the rural teacher shortage, and the upcoming CUBE Annual Conference are among the topics that Publisher Renée Joe highlights in this issue of ASBJ.

Leadership Matters: Me and my ChatBot: What does the future hold?

When NSBA Executive Director and CEO John Heim turns to an Artificial Intelligence-driven chatbot for writing assistance, he’s left with a few choice words.

President’s Perspective: School leaders are mission control

New NSBA President Kristi Swett introduces herself and her passion for NASA’s space program, school and community engagement, and the future of NSBA.


In Search of Teachers

School staffing shortages are even more severe in rural areas, where district leaders must come up with creative solutions to attract teachers.


Six (Not So) Simple Rules for School Board Success


The right beliefs, values, and attitudes help boards govern effectively.


 Artificial Intelligence ‘Brings Problems to Wrestle With, Opportunities to Address'


AI pioneer Adam Cheyer urges school boards to gather information and create policies for the coming wave of technology.


Book Review:  The New Classroom Instruction That Works


Q&A: Jenna Bush Hager, Annual Conference Keynote Speaker


Annual Conference Highlights: A look back at NSBA’s 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition




A vital role in educational excellence

An educated and informed school board is essential to the formation of an excellent public education system, says CUBE Steering Committee Chair Gill Garrett.




Communications: Engagement Campaign

A Minnesota district gets communication support to pass a levy.


Research: Intelligent Machines

Artificial intelligence applications are already at work in K-12 education.


School Law: What’s in a Name?

The use of Native American team names and mascots continues to pose legal issues for public schools.




ESSER Funds Still Available for Music Education Needs: Know the steps and deadlines


Learning From the Past: The rejection of Mexican immigrant children from a Louisiana school, 1915-1916


Teach Coding Today to Improve Equity Tomorrow